Beer Capital of Belgium


The large population of students creates a young, vibrant atmosphere and a pleasant bustle in historic Leuven. Thanks to its university, Leuven is an innovative and conveniently located centre of knowledge, just a stone’s throw away from Brussels, the European capital, and Brussels Airport, at the intersection of two European motorways.

However, Leuven is also a mecca for gourmets and tourists who want to relax. A city where culture and creativity rule. A shopping centre for demanding shoppers. The magnificent town centre boasts wonderful monuments and a rich history as well as modern urban renewal projects. With authentic cafés and the finest restaurants. in short, a city to enjoy to which tourists gladly return.

Leuven is without any doubt the beer capital of the world. The city boasted over thirty breweries at the start of the 20th century. Most have disappeared, only Stella Artois brewery and Domus brewery keep the brewing tradition alive.


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