Trumpet House

The Story

When a man had to appear before the court, he was promptly discharged. He said: My name is Trompet (Mr Trumpet!) and I live in Koestaart (the Cow’s Tail!). The judge thought the man was mocking him and sent him away.

But unfortunately he can no longer tell his story… Achiel Trompet died in 2013. This extraordinary holiday residence bears his name, because it was his life work. A passionate collector of antiques, he went on the hunt for construction materials from churches, monasteries, abbeys, rectories, etc., to build a house in the same way as you would put together a jigsaw puzzle. The result is an incredibly harmonious collection and an eclectic mishmash of antique materials, such as solid oak beams, wood engravings, stone ornaments, statues, blue Delft pottery, plus natural stone, such as the yellow hand-carved stone, old bricks from Brussels, blue Belgian stone and Italian marble.

It was a real privilege to complete Achiel Trompet’s work. Our challenge was to link the modern to the ancient, with plenty of passion and attention to detail. From noble treasures to a contemporary design. All to create a unique house with inviting warmth and a feeling of well-being.  You can see the result right now, virtually on this site and, if it appeals to you, for real. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional location in Hageland, close to Leuven, and to personally helping make your stay an unforgettable experience.


Achiel Trompet (1948 – 2013)

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