Capital of Belgium and Europe


Brussels is the capital of 500 million Europeans and is one of the world’s Power Cities – very important places for decision-making and debate. But it’s a metropolis with a personal touch, internationally renowned for its conviviality. It offers a warm welcome to its numerous visitors: whether they come for business, culture, leisure or to get away from it all, a trip to Brussels is always memorable.

It’s a global and proudly multicultural city… it’s both historical and modern, a meeting point of North and South, where the differences are maintained yet meld together harmoniously.

Its gastronomy is up to any challenge, its fashion walks the most sought-after runways, its architectural heritage was created by some of the world’s most famous names and its comic book heroes have become Hollywood stars…

The multiple identities of Brussels are its key assets and each visit to the European capital is unique. Welcoming, dynamic and open, the capital makes all the treasures that it contains accessible to friends and family, winter and summer, day or night.

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