Benedictine monks

Vlierbeek Abbey

Vlierbeek Abbey was founded in 1125 by the Benedictines. The abbey complex, with its neoclassical church, was the residence of the monks for 7 centuries. Having taken a vow of silence, they are said to have heard the call of God.

Although the monks were forced to leave their abbey, a visit to the property will show you that Vlierbeek is far from being a lifeless ruin. This is because some of the buildings have been renovated and are now occupied by private individuals. The church, on the other hand, has been restored and today serves as the parish church of Vlierbeek.

Today, numerous hikers and tourists enjoy sitting down on the terrace of the In den Rozenkrans inn, a delightful location with a lovely nostalgic atmosphere and a magnificent view of the church.